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Population by Age Group

The GROWTH Alberta region is home to more than 31,000 Albertans.

In the face of broad trends toward urbanization, the region is maintaining its population, including a healthy foundation of local youth. This is, in part, due to the efforts of the municipalities and school boards that comprise GROWTH Alberta. The region has an active youth retention strategy, and is committed to ongoing efforts designed to maintain our population

Labour Force Participation (aged 15 and over)

The region enjoys a healthy level of labour force participation for people aged 15 and over (69.2%) with significant work force activity in industry centres such as Woodlands County (77.2%) and Swan Hills (80.7%).

At the same time, unemployment rates in the region are extremely low, with a regional average of 3.5% and a low of 2.5% in the Town of Swan Hills (Statistics Canada 2006 Census).

Although the unemployment rate in the province of Alberta rose to 4.4% in January of 2009, the province still enjoys one of the highest unemployment rates in all of Canada (compared to the national unemployment rate of 7.2%).

Evaluate the Workforce

Workforce Evaluation Dashboard

Workforce Evaluation Map

The map below enables you to dig deeper and analyze the size and location of the local workforce by education, occupation and industry of employment. By selecting the relevant toggles in any of the 3 categories you will notice that the total available workforce changes accordingly. Zooming in and out will allow you to further narrow your analysis by focusing on specific areas and don’t forget to click on the census designated polygons for even more granular data.

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