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It is natural that a strong transportation sector exists in the GROWTH Alberta region to support the resource-based economies of forestry, energy, agriculture, gravel extraction, coal, etc.

There are over 300 companies operating in GROWTH Alberta region in the transportation industry and nearly 6% of the regional labour force is in the transportation industry.

Alberta’s transportation and warehousing sector employs more than 130,000 people and contributes $11.2 billion to the economy annually. About 90% of Alberta’s exports are shipped to the US; 5.5% of Alberta exports go to Asia-Pacific markets.

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Access to Markets

Alberta is strategically located in the epicentre of the western Canadian market of nine million people. It has emerged as the western North American warehouse and distribution hub for Canada and the Pacific Northwest region of the United States (Source:, 2009).

Alberta is the only western province that offers overnight, or less than 24-hour delivery service to all of western Canada and the US Pacific Northwest – a market of more than 50 million consumers (Source:, 2009).

Within Alberta, the GROWTH Alberta region offers convenient access to the major energy centres in the North, and is well positioned near major corridors for access to other parts of the continent.

Industry Cluster

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Transportation Statistics

Vehicle Registrations

Source: Alberta Open Data
Last Updated: April 2017

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