Agriculture in Growth Alberta

Agriculture is staple industry in the GROWTH Alberta region. Canola, wheat and barley are the primary crops grown in the region and it has a strong livestock sector which ranges from family farms to intensive livestock operations.

Primary crop and industry activity within the GROWTH Alberta region is contained within the Counties of Woodlands, Lac Ste. Anne, Barrhead and Westlock. The agriculture sector is a large economic driver for the towns of Westlock, Barrhead and Mayerthorpe as they are regional service centres for agriculture. There are a number of equipment dealers in these communities, UFAs, and a Peavey Mart.

Distribution of Upper Athabasca Farms

The GROWTH Alberta region is located in the Upper Athabasca land-use region. The following lists the distribution of Upper Athabasca farms by farm type.

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GROWTH Alberta Agriculture Assets

  • Alberta Bison Ranch
  • Barrwest Pork
  • Ehrenholz Farms
  • Geis Angus Farms
  • Freeman River Bison Ranches
  • Haywire Ventures
  • Hog Wild Specialities
  • JVJ Westlock Auction
  • Lazy S Ranches
  • Linquenda Dairy
  • Miller Hatcheries (Alberta) Ltd.
  • Misty Ridge Dairy
  • North Central Livestock Exchange
  • Pigs R Us Inc.
  • Rochester Hatchery
  • Schmidt Livestock Ltd.
  • Sunrise Hatchery Inc.
  • Woodlands Bison Ranch
  • Westlock Terminals
  • CN Producer Car Loader Station, Mayerthorpe
  • De Herdts Gardens Ltd.
  • Erdmann’s Gardens and Greenhouses
  • Glamery Greenhouses
  • Green Thumbs Greenhouse
  • Rosie’s Greenhouse
  • Sunniebend Greenhouses
  • Anthem Hills Family Farm
  • Cherrytree Enterprises
  • Dew Drop Farms U-Pick
  • Dez Family U-Pick
  • Double Eagle Farms
  • Hill and Dale Farms/A’Bunadh Seeds
  • Rochfort Hutterite Colony
  • Shady Lane Estate Inc. – Winery/meadery
  • Windhover Orchard and Northern Girls Hopyard
  • AFSC – Agriculture Financial Services Corporation
  • Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada office in Westlock
  • Alberta Agriculture & Forestry Field Office in Barrhead
  • Anderson Seed Growers Ltd.
  • Barr-North Veterinary Services Ltd.
  • CropMaxx Inc.
  • Dow Fertilizer
  • Har-De Agri Services
  • KNM Sales & Service
  • Martin Deerline
  • Mayerthorpe Veterinary Services
  • Peavey Mart
  • Pentagon Farm Centre
  • Rocky Mountain Equipment
  • Roszko Farm Equipment
  • UFA
  • Westlock Seed Cleaning Coop
  • Westlock Veterinary Center
  • CanMa
  • CFX-2
  • Delores
  • Grandi
  • GranMa
  • Katani
  • Picolo
  • Silesia
  • X-59 (Hemp Nut)

Industrial Hemp

Alberta is leading the prairies in hemp production. Since 2016, 32,000 acres have produced hemp fibre. Hemp is a low impact crop with high yield. Canada is currently the only country in North America where the cultivation of industrial hemp is legal.

Hemp fibre is renowned for its high tensile properties that make it durable and strong, as well as resistant to rotting. Hemp seed and straw are also used in a number of everyday products from cosmetics to carpeting.

of the province’s acres
of the province’s farms
Alberta Agricultural Employees

Regional Cuisine

Regional Cuisine refers to “locally produced/grown ingredients or processed products that have traceability back to a farm, locality, or province” according to the Dine Alberta initiative. This includes all foods on the menu of a restaurant or food event that specify their origin.

Farmers’ Markets

Alberta Approved Markets must have 80% of their vendors “Make, Bake or Grow” in Alberta

  • Barrhead:
    • Location: The Multi Purpose Room in the Agrena (5607-47 St).
    • Day and Time: Saturdays from 10 am – 1 pm
  • Westlock:
    • Location: Bargain Shop Mall (10211 – 100 St.)
    • Day and Time: Fridays from 11am – 3pm
  •  Glenreagh:
    • Location: North of Barrhead (2 miles north of Barrhead and 1 mile west on highway 18)
    • Date and Time: Wednesdays from 11 am – 2pm
  • Darwell:
    • Location: Darwell Hall
    • Date and Time: Sundays from 11am – 2pm
  • Mayerthorpe & District:
    • Location: Diamond Centre
    • Date and Time: Thursday from 3pm – 7pm

Farm Direct Purchasing

Farm direct marketing allows the farmer or producer to establish a direct relationship with the consumer, assuming both the accountability and the rewards. Quality agri-food products are sold directly to the consumer through a variety of channels, such as: U-Pick and U-Fish ventures, farm gate sales, farm stores, mail order, Alberta Approved Farmers’ Markets, direct to restaurant (where we assume the chef is the end-user), community supported agriculture (CSA), municipal buying clubs and e-commerce. Successful farm direct marketing involves consistently supplying quality products in a clean and customer-friendly environment.

A.M. Berry Farm, Barrhead
Farm Gate Sales, U-Pick (No Appt Necessary), Pre-picked Custom Orders, U-Pick By Appt
Phone: 780-674-4558

White’s Greenhouses
, Rochester
Farm Gate Sales, Pre-picked Custom Orders, Attends Farmers’ Markets
Phone: 780-698-2174

The Old Dutchman Berries & Vegetables, 
Farm Gate Sales, U-Pick No Appt Necessary, Pre-picked Custom Orders, U-Pick By Appt, Attends Farmers’ Markets
Phone: 780-954-2230

MA-BE Farming, Barrhead
Eggs, bison, pork
Phone: 780-674-2952

Erdmanns Gardens & Greenhouses, Vimy
Farm Gate Sales, Pre-picked Custom Orders, Herbs, Attends Farmers’ Markets
Phone: 780-961-3912

Koenig Farm (Seven Bro Farms), Clyde
We currently have chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, rabbits, pigs, beef and will be producing eggs and carrying goats/sheep for the upcoming season. We prefer to have ‘pre-orders,’ however also have ‘left-overs’ from time to time. Non-certified organic soil. We welcome visitors and customers and would be glad to show you around.
Phone: 780-348-5872

DEZ Family Enterprises, Barrhead
DEZ Market Garden and Fish offers Strawberries, Saskatoons, and Raspberries in season.  We have a well stocked pond that offers you Rainbow Trout all year round.  Email or call us regarding the availability. Location:  From Barrhead, 8 miles south on Highway 33 to Secondary Highway 654 west, 6 miles west to RR 44, 1 1/4 mile south to 58029
Phone: 780-305-7079

De Herdt Gardens, Barrhead
De Herdt Gardens (formerly Southside Greenhouses) has a large selection of bedding plants, garden decorations, annuals, perennials, and chalk paint.
Location: 5001 – 49 ave Barrhead, ABT7N 1G4; Phone: Phone: 780-674-2844

On-Farm/Ranch Activities (Agri-Tourism)

Agri-Tourism includes a diverse range of activities, from U-Pick Farms (see Farm-Direct Purchasing) to Corn Mazes to Farm Tours and is experiencing an increase in demand for such activities.

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