County of Barrhead

We are passionate about promoting our County way of life as THE place to raise your family, pursue opportunities and enjoy retirement. Our trading region services approximately 31,000 Albertans and we encourage the ‘Open for Business’ attitude. We work to support existing businesses through our Business Visitation Program, and also assist new ventures with the trained and helpful staff here at the County office. Lands are available for industrial use in the County, just outside the town limits, on pavement and with all services ready to tie in at the property line. To compliment supporting industry, there is also retail and light commercial/industrial land available in the Town of Barrhead.

“Rich in history, the County of Barrhead served two main access roads to the City of Edmonton in the early 20th Century. The Klondike Trail headed northwest and was used by gold prospectors, and the Athabasca trail headed northeast to the trading area of Athabasca. Settlement took place in the early 1900’s with pioneers and farmers from Europe and the U.S.A.”

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